Bonus Lesson – The Most Powerful Question

Welcome friend – I’m glad you made it!  Are you ready to get started?  This is great! Take just a moment and think of one thing you’d like to change about your life. Maybe you’d like to have more money. Or, maybe you’d like to improve a relationship. Or, maybe you’d like to have the means to take a cruise around the world. Whatever it is, just think about it for a moment. Now notice how you feel about this change you want. Notice in your stomach or in your chest that a feeling of stress is present. How do I know this? Because whenever you want to change something, there is a gap.  And that gap exists because resistance exists. Otherwise you’d already have what you want. What is stress? Stress is resistance.  And resistance is the only thing preventing you from having what you want.  As long as this stress exists for you, it will cause you discomfort. Physical and mental discomfort.  It’s not fun!

The more you find yourself wanting, the more stress you will experience. Have you ever noticed this? When you feel really stressed it’s because you are in wanting mode.

You agree that it would be a lot more fun if you just had what you want!  Without all of the stress and struggle and blood and tears and hard work that seems to stand between you and what you want. And so here it is.  One of the most powerful questions you can ever ask yourself. Now I have to first offer a word of caution.  The mind – your mind, my mind, anyone’s mind – likes complications. It likes to create problems and it likes to try to solve problems.  Some people spend their time creating problems – or seeing problems everywhere they look.  Most other people spend their time trying to solve problems. Either way, if problems are what’s on your mind, problems are what you have. And because of this, simple answers rarely seem sufficient. Life is complex, right? Well here’s what Lester Levenson said and these are probably the most profound words I’ve ever heard anywhere.

“Any complexity in life is the ego (the mind) trying to undo the simplicity of reality.”

I read that quote or I think about it every day.  When I find my life, or a moment in my day, becoming overly complicated I just remind myself of this quote. And you know the thing is, I have never found a time when it wasn’t true. Nor have I ever found a time when removing the complexity didn’t take me to what I wanted faster. So get in your mind this thing you want to change. And notice that resistance you feel in your stomach or chest. And then ask yourself, “Would I rather have this feeling? Or would I rather have what I want?” What you will learn in the Abundance Course – and you will learn how to overcome it – is the only thing that has ever prevented you from having what you want, and as much of it as you want, are feelings.

“Would I rather have this feeling? Or would I rather have what I want?”

When resistant feelings are gone, so are complications and problems and stress and depression and anger and frustration and any other feeling of negativity or discomfort you may experience. While you’re here I strongly encourage you to review Lesson Five again. Notice what you missed last time.   All the best to you!

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