Closing the Gap and Resolving the
Resistance to Having Abundance

Bottom line, lets take a look at what you’ve learned so far:

1. Setting goals the way you’ve always been taught sets you up for struggle and failure. In the Abundance Course we teach you how to achieve what you want with effortless ease.

2. You now recognize the only thing preventing you from reaching a goal is resistance. Study any success story and at the root you will discover this person was able to “beat the odds” because of their ability to overcome resistance.

3. You also now recognize there are no problems. There is only resistance. This can be a challenge for the mind to fully accept because it is the mind that creates resistance. And in the complete Abundance Course we’ll share with you the secrets your own mind doesn’t want you to know about why it creates resistance!

As you continue to examine your life from this point of view you will see with great clarity that there truly are no problems – there are only feelings of resistance. When you learn to release limiting feelings, you release problems. This frees up your energy, mentally and physically. Some common benefits of this include:

  • Greater clarity and focus
  • More energy and vitality
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Magnetic charm
  • A blissful sense of peace, happiness and abundance
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Dynamic financial results
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on . . .

4. You’ve also learned that “wanting” creates a feeling of “lacking”. Want IS lack. It’s the feeling of wanting, of not having, that creates not having! In the Abundance Course you will learn why “wanting” is only a resistance to having. Would you rather want? Or would you rather have?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying

“If you always do what you always done,
then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

After these lessons it should be clear. What you have in your life, right now, is a demonstration of one thing – your feelings. You act how you feel. So we offer you a more true version of this phrase . . .

“If you always feel how you’ve always felt,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Quite simply, your odds of achieving any goal will only improve when you release the resistance – the feelings – that has stopped you in the past. Remember when you remove resistance, you reduce the energy and effort and stress required to take successful action.

There’s so much more I’d like to tell you here about how to you can use this breakthrough material to make incredible changes in your life:

Like how Helen A. of San Diego ( and dozens of others) used the Abundance Course to become a millionaire in less than six months. Her story is amazing but absolutely something ANYONE could do.

Or the story of how Alan P Bowslaug of, Phoenix, AZ (and this is a story I could also tell you about my own experience) wrote us, “Within one month after the course, my blood pressure came down to an average of 111/79 (down from 138/89). Without question, I know that when I am actively using the Abundance Course, the blood pressure goes down.” No drugs necessary. Just a simple technique we teach in the course.

Sandy Gabin from New York, NY writes “I have lost 90 pounds within the past year and a half.”

Or how Brian Daniel, V.P., Everen Securities, Sherman Oaks, CA shares “I took the Abundance Course as part of a company sponsored course to increase sales. My sales have doubled and tripled. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life in every way.” And the thing about this course is the more you do it, the better the results become. Brian’s just getting started.

Paul Mendez of New York used the Abundance Course to rid himself of smoking and anxiety. Writes Paul, “I used the Abundance Course on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking.”

I could share thousands of stories with you because I have thousands of stories that cover every imaginable goal you could think up. If you’d like to read more testimonials, click here.

If you’ve tried other programs and they haven’t worked for you – or you just haven’t reached your ultimate goal in life the Abundance Course will delight you.

If you’re new to exploring the various programs being offered, do yourself a favor and start with the Abundance Course. You could be like so many of our graduates who tell us “After all these years and all these programs I’m so happy to discover the Abundance Course.”

A Special Invitation


Why not experience the Abundance Course and prove all of this to yourself? The complete course, which comes in 2 beautifully bound vinyl albums, will help you resolve and dissolve resistance to accomplishing your heart’s deepest desires. The course also includes a workbook jam-packed full of life-changing exercises. You will have one profound insight after another.

But that’s not all.

One of the problems you’ve probably noticed with other self-help systems is that you buy the book, or the tape set, or you attended the seminar, and there is no way to get your questions answered or to receive any kind of ongoing support. Not so with the Abundance Course. Your purchase even includes free coaching. If you’re stuck, just give them a call.

This one benefit alone is worth many times the entire cost of the course. Personal and professional coaches typically charge $100-500 and more per hour – and they don’t guarantee anything!

And if this isn’t enough, I will also include three fabulous bonus audio’s valued at $65—absolutely free. These are yours to keep even if you return the course materials for a full refund.

Bonus Audio One

You’ll receive the “In My Own Words” audio in which you receive personal tips from Lester on how to achieve that natural state called “Happiness With No Sorrow”.

Bonus Audio Two

As a second bonus you will receive a special audio entitled “Will Power” where Lester talks about the role that will power takes in personal growth and achievement (it’s not what you think).

Bonus Audio Three

And finally, a third free bonus audio covers “How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success” in which Larry Crane will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, beingness which will give you a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday. The name of this tape is the “General Clean-up Tape.”

The Number One Excuse People
Give for Not Buying This Course

Recently I conducted a survey of people who decided not buy our course. I would have expected the number one reason people don’t buy the course is they doubt it will work for them.

But that was not it. Even though some of the claims – all true – may seem beyond belief, that’s not it.

It’s not that they don’t think it will . . .

  • Help improve relationships. It does and it’s easy enough to see how the course can help improve any relationship.
  • Reduce stress. Any program would love endorsements from Harvard Medical School and the hoards of psychologists who rave about how effective it is.
  • Improve finances. Not everyone who uses the program becomes a millionaire. But almost everyone DOES see a tremendous shift in their abundance. And almost everyone sees how this is possible using the technique.
  • Improve health and energy. Free of negative habits like smoking, overeating, drugs, etc – all compulsive feelings the course can help you resolve, it’s easy to see how health and energy can improve. That’s not it either!

I could go on and on. So WHAT is it?!

The number one reason is . . . money!

OK, I should have seen that coming. But this is a real “What comes first, the horse or the cart?” kind of problem.

If money was not an issue, most people would never be here on this site in the first place, would they?

Would you?

Which is exactly why you NEED this program.

Listen. Our society is full of myths and mis-tellings about money. Everywhere we turn negativity about money exists. Lack and limitation are the story of the day. Notice the news. Listen to the conversations at the store, the gas pumps, at work . . . it’s everywhere! Is it any wonder so many people feel trapped, frustrated and helpless?

The only way to move beyond that noise and put it behind you is to try something new. The old “news” – the old stories – have not worked, or you wouldn’t even be here. Right?

“Something has to change!”

That’s what I SHOUTED before I’d done this course. I mean I was a mess. My wife and I were BARELY making ends meet. BARELY. I’d become a joke to my friends and family. I did everything I could to avoid them. I didn’t even want to leave the house. The college grad – the only one in my family – who was working every odd job imaginable to afford a crummy apartment right on the freeway. This place was so bad, the walls were full of holes and we had to run the birds out that came in for a little heat – provided by our gas stove because our furnace didn’t work.

And what was I doing for money? You will laugh at this!

I was writing a newsletter, sharing all of these great ideas I’d learned about how to be rich! Just Think and Grow Rich! I had an entire bookcase full of that stuff.

Baloney. All of it.

I grew miserable and depressed. I fought with my wife. I fought with my family. Every chance I got in traffic I yelled or honked my horn. It was so bad I once threatened a guy with a hammer who cut my wife and I off! My rage was out of control!

My blood pressure got out of control, too. I got insomnia. For months I could only sleep an hour or two, here and there. And I started doing things I’m too embarrassed – even now – to admit to you in writing.

I NEEDED this course and it’s why I now take time from building my own successful business to help you – to make sure you know about what’s being offered here.

The most compelling reason you have for not buying this course – a lack of money – is exactly why you NEED this course. I want your life to be all it can be. And while I know that money isn’t the be-all, end-all answer to everlasting happiness, I do know that it’s an important part of having your needs met.

And if the money issues are not resolved, then it makes everything else that much more difficult. It’s just HARD to feel good about yourself when money seems a never ending struggle. Possible – yes! – but hard. Harder than it needs to be.

Right now, you can leave behind the opportunity to spend your money on something you want to spend it on. Or, you can make an investment in moving your life towards what YOU want.

The bill collectors are still going to send their bills. The landlord, or the mortgage company, are still going to want to be paid. The kids – or you – are still going to need food, clothes and trips to the dentist.

But until money becomes a non-issue in your life (can you imagine?!), those wants of the bill collectors, landlords, doctors and dentists will continue to come before YOUR wants and desires. Those “costs of living” can come out of a small pie. You can continue “stealing from Peter to pay Paul” like so many of us do out of necessity.

Or you can create a bigger pie for yourself. There can be plenty to go around. You can have a life of abundance. You can let go of any limitation that is holding you back. You can resolve the resistance that prevents you from moving forward, faster, with less stress and more success.

YOU Can . . .

but you have to start by making a choice for YOU. And if you don’t like the course – if you don’t feel it’s going to work for you, you can send it back for a full-refund.

The Choice is Yours . . .

I’ve passed on every significant detail about The Abundance Course for your consideration, what it is, how it could change your life, examples of countless ways it has changed other people’s lives (including mine), and how it’s different from the other self-help systems you’ve experienced.

Also, keep in mind that with my 100% 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’ve read this far I know you must be serious. Now it’s a simple matter of applying what you’ve learned. You have a goal – to secure this program for yourself and reap the benefits. Simply recognize any resistance and ask yourself, “Would I rather continue living with this resistance and these feelings that are holding me back, or would I rather have what I want?”

Remember, this course is yours to try risk-free for 30-days and if you aren’t absolutely satisfied that it delivers value far, far beyond the price just give me a call and return the course for a prompt refund*.

Thirty days from now you can be nothing more than thirty days older – or you can be well on your way towards tapping into a new kind of power to create dramatic improvements in your income, career, love life, self-confidence, self-esteem and more.

Why wait?  Place your order now – stop wanting, start having:

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Warmly, John R. Barker – The Abundance Course Site

P.S. – Remember The Abundance Course teaches you how to release any unwanted thought or feeling on-the-spot. Using the Release Technique, which you will learn in this course of 20 power-packed audio sessions, even long-standing life challenges are overcome with ease.

P.P.S. – Don’t forget about the bonuses. They are great. Remember, you get the three bonus audio’s and the free phone coaching. And of course the money-back guarantee*. All of this really adds up to an effortless decision, doesn’t it!?

*Does not include shipping and handling costs.