“When You Create a Goal – You Create Problems”

We see goal-setting in a different light. Yes, we still set goals with the Abundance Course. But our approach is radically unique.

As you have learned for yourself, when you set a goal you encounter problems. And, it’s the idea of problems that makes achieving goals a problem. It isn’t the goal that is the problem – it’s the feelings that accompany the goal that cause the problem.

Achieving Goals Doesn’t Mean Solving Problems
Achieving Goals Means Dissolving Resistance


Achieving goals by overcoming adversity and solving problems is the old way. That’s the way of walking your way to the ends of the earth. You reach the end, feet bloody and aching, body battered. But hey, I made it!

Would you rather walk?
Or would you rather fly?

The fastest way, the effortless way to achieving your goals is what we teach in the Abundance Course. It’s like getting on your own Lear Jet and going wherever you want to go when you want to go there. The gap shrinks considerably. The effort, sweat and tears are dissolved.

Want Equals Lack

When you create a goal, the conscious mind says “I want this”. But at the same time you send a message to your subconscious mind, “I lack this”. It is the feeling of lack that creates the problems and it is the feeling of lack that ultimately prevents you from having what you desire.

At best, “I want” plus “I lack” creates a stalemate. At worst, your mind seeks the answer to “Why do I lack”? And the answer that comes back stresses your perceived limitations.

  • I don’t have enough education.
  • I’m too young or too old.
  • I’m not pretty enough.
  • I’m not confident enough.
  • I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!

Would you rather want?
Or would you rather have?!

These are only feelings and thoughts that limit you! They aren’t real. In fact, the only limitations you have are in your thinking. And when you learn to release these limiting thoughts and feelings you will be absolutely amazed at all of the resources, people, ideas, confidence – you name it – that becomes immediately available to you.

It’s like noticing the warmth in the room you felt was cold. You recognize it’s all an illusion based on what you focus on – what you resist – and what you choose to hold on to.

In lesson five we will reveal . . .