I am so excited for you.  Are you excited?  It’s OK if you are.  😉

And if not, that’s OK too because many promises are tossed around online that don’t live up to the hype.

What you’re about to learn is truly profound.  Yet it’s also very simple and some of it may even sound a little beyond belief.

We have a saying around here – “Don’t believe a word we say – prove it to yourself.”

These 5 lessons are a basic introduction that have helped thousands of people see a new way to be happier, feel more peace, improve relationships, lose weight – and yes, improve their financial situation too.

I know you’re excited to get started, so let’s go – here’s lesson #1 . . .

The Gap

The difference between where you are today and where you want to be represents “The Gap”.

In order to get from point A to point B the gap has to be crossed.

If you have $503 in the bank today and you want $250,000 there is a gap – a gap of $249,497.

For most of us getting that money means thoughts arise . . .

  • “I have some major problems to solve.”
  • “How do I make that much money?”
  • “Do I start a business?”
  • “If I do, that brings a lot of problems to deal with doesn’t it?”
  • “I need an idea, capital, a business plan, employees, an office, office furniture, etc, etc, etc.”

“When you create a goal, you create a set of problems.”

In other words, with traditional goal setting programs creating a goal only creates a series of problems to overcome.

For some of us, getting from point A to point B feels like a long, hard, nearly impossible journey.  Making the journey from point A to point B might feel as impossible as walking your way to the other end of the earth.

Because of this, you may want to lose weight but you have trouble getting off the couch or you may be overcome by the urges to eat unhealthy foods.

Or, because of this, you may want to earn a lot of money and experience financial freedom but simply feel unable to make the changes – to find the opportunities – to make that happen.

Or, you may have been hurt by someone in some way in the past and as a result find it impossibly difficult to open your heart to the abundance of love that is available – right now.

Success leaves certain clues and well meaning-people have created programs to help us get from point A to point B a little quicker.

These programs might be like giving us a horse, or even a car to make the journey with. Yet, the journey remains long and challenging and the gap is still large.

Maybe we’ve graduated from walking to riding a horse and buggy and yet you know there must be a better way to get from HERE to THERE.

If you think about your gap, that distance between where you are and where you want to be, in terms of physics you know that the fastest way to travel between two points is the speed of light. In our world, it is possible to move between two points at the speed of light but few people do it.

And it isn’t because we aren’t able.

Why is this? If it’s really possible (and it is) for you to move your goals towards you, to move from point A to point B effortlessly and quickly, why wouldn’t you?

We reveal the remarkably simple answer in lesson two.