“There Are NO Problems”

You may find that statement brings up a discomforting feeling. Maybe it brings up a feeling of doubt and disbelief. Maybe it brings up a feeling of anger. Or, maybe it causes a feeling of confusion to come over you.

“If you don’t believe it,
what is the advantage to you of believing in your problems?”


The truth is “There are no problems”. There are only thoughts and feelings.

“Have you ever done anything that was not
first inspired by a feeling?”

“Have you ever NOT done something for any reason
other than because of a feeling?”

If you consider both of those questions very carefully you will discover the answer to both is “NO!” Feelings are the driving force of life – or they are the brakes – unless you learn to effectively resolve them.

Have you ever noticed how 2 people can encounter the same situation and have different experiences of what happened?

This is the result of thinking and feeling.

Try this little experiment and prove something to yourself. Notice the temperature of your body. Maybe you feel a little warm. Maybe you feel a little cool. This works best if you are able to go outside or into an area that makes you truly uncomfortable – hot or cold.

If you feel a little cold right now, think about wanting to be warmer.

What happens? If you’re following along with us you will notice that you actually feel colder than you did to begin – not warmer. Wanting to be warmer actually makes you feel colder!

Why is this? Because whatever you resist persists and becomes a stronger feeling.

If you want more money, you resist what you have and the result is that you actually find money continues to be a struggle and the problems continue coming. This will not change until the underlying resistance is resolved.

There are no problems – there is only resistance.


Now let’s go back to our hot and cold experiment.

Now, if you feel cold try a couple of things.

First, could you allow yourself to feel as warm as you do? Do your best to feel the warmth that is present. Even at temperatures below zero degrees, warmth is present. Can you feel it? Of course you can!

If you don’t get the full impact of this exercise, don’t worry. With the Abundance Course and a little practice you can pull this little trick off with ease.

Second, could you allow yourself to welcome feeling as cold as you do? Don’t resist the cold. Just for a moment allow yourself to feel the feeling sensation of being cold.

What do you notice? If you’re following along, you will notice that if even for a moment you don’t feel cold at all.

Why is this? Because you have stopped resisting the feeling. It isn’t until you resist feeling cold that it becomes uncomfortable.

What you resist, persists

Remember, whatever you resist persists and becomes stronger. It’s like lifting weights. Lifting weights is also called “resistance training”. And resistance training is designed to make your muscles stronger.

Resistance training is exactly what most of us are doing with our feelings too – except what we are really doing is making ourselves stronger at actually pushing away the things we desire.

If you’ve just encountered a painful breakup and you want that pain to stop, what happens? It hurts more.

If you feel anxious and you try to stop feeling anxious, what happens? You feel more anxious.

If you feel embarrassed in a situation and you try not to show it, what happens? Your ears turn red and your face blushes!
And this is what makes problems feel like problems.

There are no problems – there is only resistance.

In lesson four we reveal why goal-setting doesn’t work for most people and what you can do about it.