“The Only Thing That Can Stop You”

If you think of any goal you would like to achieve, you will notice certain feelings of resistance in your body. It could be fear, doubt, frustration, anger. Any feeling that is not positive and empowering is a form of resistance.

Resistance stops the flow of energy. Resistance is the cause of stress. Resistance is like trying to drive with the brakes on. When you stop the flow of energy, you stop action – or you require tremendous amounts of energy to enable action.

You can push the gas pedal harder and harder, but as long as the brake is on it is difficult to move. And if you do move – and even if you make it to your goal – you have put great strain and stress on your engine.This often results in physical and mental breakdown.

When you remove resistance, you are able to move forward and you are able to do it faster. Without resistance, there is no goal too big.

Without resistance, time is only an idea and resources are abundant. Without resistance, you are free to be, to do and to have whatever you desire.  In lesson three we will reveal how the Abundance Course goes about eliminating resistance and more.