“You should not believe anything we say, but prove it out
for yourself by having great wealth, happiness, well being and
health in your life.”
–Lester Levenson

There are countless promises and approaches to improving one’s life.  The late night infomercial can be extremely compelling when you can’t sleep, up too late worrying about what isn’t going the way you’d like to see it go in your life.

I’ve spent more money than I care to admit in those same situations.  Some of the programs I purchased were non-sense, or at least simply not for me.  Other programs, or approaches, that I’ve tried worked . . . but ultimately came with a side-effect*.

I’ve now been using or studying self-help for twenty-six years of my life and releasing (the technique taught in the Abundance Course) is something I continue to use – successfully – after ten years.

But no – you shouldn’t take my word for it or anyone else’s.  You should try it for yourself.  You should prove it to yourself.

* I want to be careful to not steer people away from something that can be profoundly helpful, or open myself up to being sued.  But, yes, in some ways certain programs can cause detrimental issues that may not be obvious in the beginning.

For example one extremely popular program teaches people to build up the pain to not doing something in order to motivate (manipulate) the mind to take action.  What I found is this conscious effort to build up pain produces . . . PAIN!  Because ultimately we’re talking about a tipping point where not doing becomes more uncomfortable than doing.  The problem is that if you don’t reach the tipping point then you don’t change and instead what you get is an increasing sense of negativity about yourself.

With releasing you do not attempt to reprogram or manipulate your thinking.  Instead of trying to kill a virus by making the environment more caustic, with releasing you simply remove – or let go of – the virus.

Another “protocol” I tried is a very expensive form of brain training.  Initially I saw VERY positive and immediate results.  I would call those results deeply profound and life changing.  I experienced a sense of mental calm, after only a handful of sessions, that I didn’t believe possible for myself.  It was like when the power goes out and a home becomes still and quiet – you don’t realize how much noise is ever present until it stops.  This was exactly like that – the mental noise just stopped and the result was feedback from others to the effect of “John is on a different spiritual plane than the rest of us”.  That was cool.

But . . . I found it increasingly difficult to accomplish my work.  With this sense of calm and peace also came something very foreign to me – a complete lack of drive towards my work.  I firmly believe that with the quieting of my mind some things which make me, me, were mentally switched off.

With releasing you’re in control and what you choose to hang onto, and let go of, is your choice.  Since thinking, and feeling, create structure in our brain what we choose is the result we produce.

Of course I have a bias and I’m actively selling you on one of the approaches I’ve found most successful.  Nothing is for everyone and The Abundance Course is no different.  However I do hope to share with you the many experiences I’ve had and why I believe in this program so strongly.

But it’s up to you to prove it to yourself – and I encourage you to take advantage of the money back guarantee.

All the best to you – John R. Barker

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