Financial Abundance

The Release Technique Creates Millionaires!

“After one week of practicing the course, I used the “butt system” and to my amazement I had a million dollar profit on a sale I made. The course helped me to think bigger than I was thinking. I released, and it happened. I am having so much positive energy.  Wow!”

Kay Barens Dallas, Texas

“In less than six months, since starting the Abundance Course, I have become a millionaire. Thank you Larry and Lester.”

Helene Aronson, Ph.D. San Diego, CA

“On a sales call last month, I turned a major loss into a million dollar profit for myself, using the technique Larry showed me. My business has tripled since learning the Abundance Course, yet I’m spending most of my time traveling and having fun all the time. I also rid myself of 20 years of asthma. The Technique is so powerful, I’ve had my entire family learn the Technique. All I can say is try it, you’ll love it.”

Jim Whitman, Malibu, CA

“Since taking the Abundance Course in the Woodland Hills branch of First Union Securities, our branch office is now the number one sales office in the entire country and I have been promoted to running my own branch office.

Dan Feldman, Burbank, CA – Senior V.P., Branch Manager

“Last year I attended the live Abundance Course in L.A. I was totally broke and had difficulty making a living. I kept using The Release Technique taught by Larry and now I’m making $75,000 per month and going up each month.”

Larry Strickland, South Gate,CA

“The most pronounced, tangible evidence that I’m getting only through using the method is in the monetary aspects of my business. I’m on a commission basis only, and I’ve earned as much in the first quarter of this year as I did in all of last year”

Karen Brock, Woodland Hills CA – President, Brock Enterprises

“I took The Release® Technique because I was under a lot of business and personal pressure. I find now that I’m more relaxed, easier in all my relationships and making a lot more money with much less effortworking smarter, not harder.”

Tom Beyer, Scottsdale AZ – Senior Vice President – First Federal Mortgage Company

“My business has tripled since learning the Abundance Course, yet I’m spending most of my time traveling and having fun all the time. The Technique is so powerful, I’ve had my entire family learn the Technique. I also got rid of 20 years of asthma. Last month I made over 1 million dollars using this Technique.”

Jim Whitman, Scottsdale AZ – Manufacturers Representative

“I have regained my focus on abundance thanks to the Abundance Course. Customers are calling me to advertise on my radio show-Big time! I recommend it to all who want abundance, riches, success, happiness and health. It really does work.”

Jacquie Soloman, Phoenix AZ – Radio Hostess, KFNX

“I’m Excited! I have already made over $7,000 and I am working on a deal now I expect to triple that… Anyone can do it. All that the Abundance Course claims is true and then some. I can’t imagine everyone not taking this course.”

Kathy Shoden, Los Angeles CA – Sales and Marketing

“I just completed the Abundance course and the basic Release Method Course for the first time last weekend. On the second day, I received an offer for a house I have been trying to sell for three years. Before the course ended, I received three offers on the house. My sales results have been amazing – I’ve had the biggest month I ever had, and that’s just in one week! I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to learn The Easy Way.”

Gayle Henderson, Scottsdale AZ – Russ Lyon Realty Co.

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“I think it is becoming evident, in my observation, that the techniques learned in the program were beneficial to people who work under the stress and strain that we do in the investment banking industry. I have personally benefited, especially when I ran in the New York City Marathon shortly after an illness.”

Thomas J. Kitrick, New York – V.P., Training and Development, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

“I took the Release Technique as part of a company sponsored course to increase sales. My sales have doubled and tripled. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life in every way.”

Brian Daniel, V.P., Everen Securities, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I took the Release Technique because I was under a lot of business pressure. I find now that I’m more relaxed, easier in all my relationships and making a lot more money with much less effort-working smarter, not harder.”

Tom Beyer, Senior Vice President, First Federal Mortgage Company

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Stress/High Blood Pressure


“I have had high blood pressure for ten years and in the past my pressure has gotten as high as 150/100. After completing the course, my blood pressure went down markedly and I felt better emotionally and physically than I have for a long time. Within on month after the course, my blood pressure came down to an average of 111/79 (down from 138/89). Without question, I know that when I am actively using the Release Technique, the blood pressure goes down.”

Alan P Bowslaugh, Phoenix, AZ

“I have felt a dramatic reduction in my level of anxiety coupled with a tremendous increase in positive energy. I think my blood pressure is down 20 points!”

Robert Lee, Rolling Hills, CA

“I was on medication for high blood pressure for approximately five years. At one time, my doctor seriously considered hospitalizing me as my pressure reached 220/120. Although this crisis was short-lived, my blood pressure continued to fluctuate averaging 160/95.

“I learned of the Release Technique and took the basic course. Through the use of the Release Technique, I substantially lowered my blood pressure and under the direction of my physician, I was able to eliminate all medication. Today, my blood pressure is at 140/80. I continue to monitor its level daily, and with the help of the Release Technique I am able to keep it within the normal range.”

Ed Lynch, New York

“My blood pressure was recorded to be 180/90 previous to my taking the Release Technique and since that time and not taking the prescribed drugs (forgetfulness prevails) my last blood pressure reading was 140/80. I find this recorded improvement of my health amazing and I am grateful for this, especially along with all the other pleasures of releasing I’ve found.”

D. Tony Reese, Phoenix, AZ

“Of specific gain to me was a lowering of my blood pressure. I am under a doctor’s supervision. Before the Technique, I was averaging 160/90 and one month after using the Technique, this past week the doctor tested my pressure and it was 120/80. I am pleased with the results.”

William N. Falcon, Phoenix, AZ

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“My eyesight has changed. A little off and on and then suddenly when I got out of bed on the morning of July 11, my eyesight was so improved that I had to get a new, weaker prescription to see comfortably. My eyesight seen to have made a similar quantum change today without discomfort.”

Tom Brennan, Boston, MA

“I have been releasing on my vision improving. It turned out I don’t need glasses after all and my vision did improve!”

Sandy Solomon, New York



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“I used the Release Technique to release physical pains, discomfort and heaviness from my body and found myself experiencing a lot of releases through my shoulders, neck and arms. It culminated in my experiencing myself in a state of well-being and having greater flexibility in my body movement.”

Catherine Giacoppo, New York, NY

“I came into this course having suffered from an illness for over a year. I have released a large portion of that illness, regained an energy level I hadn’t felt for that time, and in fact gained more energy.”

C.C.A., Boston, MA

“Have released on feeling pain. I put my finger on a hot grate in the oven and jumped back and immediately released. To my amazement, the pain stopped instantly and there was no blister.”

Larry Robbins, Los Angeles, CA

“The Technique gave me my first relief from a tension symptom that had been keeping me in pain for at least ten years.”

Lorraine Garnett, New York, NY

“Long-standing (8 years) neck pain is 90% gone.”

Steve Seretan, Los Angeles, CA

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Additions-Smoking/ Drugs/ Alcohol

“I used the Release Technique on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking.”

Paul Mendez, New York

“I cut my cigarette smoking by 3/5 without consciously trying all the time. There was a conscious thought to work on my smoking-not to necessarily stop. But the cutting down more or less just happened with really no strong effort. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I quit taking drugs for my arthritis and feel better without them.”

Raymond Hanson, Los Angeles, CA

“I was a daily marijuana smoker for the last 20 years, and have had absolutely no desire to smoke since the first weekend. Again, no stress, no effort to not smoke, just no desire.”

Name withheld by request

“I was addicted to sleeping pills and booze-every night for three years I took a sleeping pill after 5-6 drinks to blot out life and sleep-never realizing the lengths I was going to avoid growth. I had terrible colitis from stress-would spend days in bed with a heating pad. At the end of the course, never another sleeping pill-no more booze. After a year I finally can choose to have an occasional glass of wine-never any more colitis.”

Susan Donovan, Phoenix, AZ

“I have learned to relax by releasing, and an unexpected gain has been that I no longer have a desire for alcohol-it feels good.”

Jackie Dimalante, New York

“Having been asked not to use alcohol or drugs for the period of the course, I was surprised to find how smooth my week was and clear I seemed to be. I now realize that using alcohol is a choice over which I have control. What a freeing feeling to know that I don’t have to have a drink to relax, but that I can just release. This may seem inconsequential, but this is something I’ve had to watch since I had an alcoholic brother who committed suicide.”

Richard Crickenberger, New York

“I have no more craving of alcohol and drugs, which for the last 15 years have run my life.”

Richard Preston, Boston, MA

“When I started the Release Technique in January I was taking Elavil and Valium for severe depression. It is no longer necessary to take any medication. I feel better than I have for many years.”

Cynthia Mollod, Great Neck, NY

“Since the beginning of the Technique (last December-one year) I never get the urge to drink alcohol (used to always look forward to a drink) or take drugs.”

Don Janklow, Los Angeles, CA

“I am happy to tell you that I have made the biggest gain so far. At last I have finally quit smoking-something that I felt that only a miracle would accomplish.”

Royetta Monroe, Los Angeles, CA


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Weight Loss


“I have lost 90 pounds within the past year and a half.”

Sandy Gabin, New York, NY

“I lost five pounds during the week of the course without thinking about it!!”

Lloyd Scott, Dallas, TX

“Since taking the course a year ago, I have lost pounds and inches and kept my weight down-today I’m much more comfortable with food.”

Angela Burgess, Los Angeles, CA

“I used the Technique when I was feeling hunger and I no longer felt the desire to eat.”

Rita Recker, Glandorf, OH

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“The first weekend I discovered my feeling of fatigue could be alleviated, and I drove 200 miles without the sleepiness and feeling of heaviness that so often has plagued me.”

Ruth A. Riegel, Chicago, IL

“I used the Release Technique when I had trouble sleeping and found that I could use the Technique to relax, stop worrying, and sleep. If I would wake up during the night, I could use the Technique to again relax and go back to sleep.”

R. Duane Clay, Phoenix, AZ

“Since having the Technique, I have noticed that I’m not as tired. Sometimes I get only four hours sleep and yet it hardly ever occurs to me that I did not have a full eight hours of sleep. I have also been able to decrease my insulin requirement.”

Don Carl Duke, Phoenix, AZ

“I have just had the best week of sleep I have ever known.”

Jason Holt, New York, NY

“Slept better than I have in years.”

Gilbert Martin, New York, NY

“Can get much less sleep and feel energetic, stress-free and be productive during the day.”

James Heller, New York, NY

“I sleep better, jog or run easier and when I want to, have more energy to devote to jobs. Have cured mouth sores and headaches.”

Dave Shephard, Sedona, AZ

“Physical well-being; no more knots in the stomach from anxiety; better sleep.”

Hope Hadley, San Francisco, CA

“I’m able to have a good night’s sleep after many years of having difficulty sleeping all night. It feels great!”

Rosella Schroeder, Dubuque, IA

“I connected with the ease of releasing. I simply didn’t know how much resistance I had. By Sunday I had so much energy it was great and after only 4 hours of sleep. I feel lighter and happier.”

Ariana Attie, Los Angeles CA – Legal Secretary



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“I had several physical ailments, including migraine headaches, diverticulitis, gout, and severe hypoglycemia, ant the week after taking the course was scheduled for surgery. But within a few days after beginning to release, the surgical condition disappeared and never re-appeared. My other physical problems cleared up. I believe these good effects are due to the stress reduction brought about by using the Technique.”

Dr. David Hawkins, Arizona

“I’ve always had dry skin, flaky on my body, etc., and eczema occasionally. I used lots of cortisone creams. My body now has a sheen to it, and my skin is silky after one week!”

Christina Schober, New York, NY

“I lost my sense of smell about six or seven years ago. Two years ago I had a sinus operation and was told I would never regain my olfactory sense. I refused to accept that and would not allow myself to hold on to the thought of a “smell-less life”. I released in every way I could think of. About three months ago, my sense of smell returned-fully. The doctor who operated on me can’t believe it and said I am his most successful operation.”

Florence Simons, Los Angeles, CA

“The most beautiful gain of all, and this one I can hardly write, it brings me so much joy-I feel I am finally free of the cervical cancer that threatened my ability to choose whether to have children or not. The course helped me discover the reason I was holding onto it, and gently let it go.”

L.B., Los Angeles, CA

“I used the Technique when I felt a sinus headache developing-after releasing, the feeling was gone. I used the Technique to stop my chronic back problems from developing beyond a point when I knew it was tightening up.”

James S. Helyer, D.D.S., Maumee, OH

“During the second weekend of the course, I was experiencing a severe headache. The instructor took me through a release and that fast my headache left. I had no pain for about 3 or 4 minutes. As soon as I walked out, the pain returned. I immediately began releasing on the pain myself. My headache left and didn’t return. Because I was dealing with such a tangible feeling, i.e. pain, the release was undeniable. It gave me confidence in the Technique that up to that time had been eluding me.”

Catherine Nacrelli, Dover, DE

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“It’s been a momentous weekend at the Martin house. For a while I thought it was all over, as did my wife. But in the end, my new commitment to truth is doing more good than anything ever could have done. Now that I want truth more than her approval, more than trying to control the relationship, and more than just the “security” of staying married, she’s letting go too. We have never been so open to each other. We have never been so free in our relationship. I couldn’t have imagined it when I set the goal at Mo-Ranch to improve my relationship with my wife.


Thank you,
Vern Martin

“I am able to release my anger at my girlfriend whenever she gets angry/jealous about our relationship. Our relationship has greatly improved in a short time.”

Jay Torres, Culver City CA – Salesman

“My relationship with my children has greatly improved. I am able to handle disgruntled clients without being uptight. I lost my craving for smoking and stopped smoking in the first day of the course.”

Thomas Mitchel, Los Angeles CA – Investment Advisor

“Everything is working for me with ease-my relationships are getting better, my business is exploding with ease, abundance just is and it’s easy!”

Shawna Leach-Lugo, Phoenix AZ – Artist

“I can allow myself to love people for who they are, no matter what.”

John Cullen, Lake- in-the-Hills IL – Contractor

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Love, Joy, Peace, Being In Control


“On Sunday morning (during the course), I woke up with the knowledge that I had found the tools that empower me to take back control of my life, and that’s not a goal-it’s a fact.”

Linda Carella, Los Angeles CA – VP Marketing, Tova Corp.

“Acceptance expanded, trust expanded, love expanded, freedom is and continuously unfolds easily! I also received five checks in the mail yesterday – and money and joy just keep rolling in. I also have a major art show this week at the Scottsdale Art Center and it just happened with ease.”

Monica Martinez, Phoenix AZ – Artist

“This course helped me bring back the value of more consistent releasing. It has given me awareness to use the tools I have for releasing with ease. Thank you for putting such a practical spin on the method. My life is so much richer for having use of these tools and Lester’s wisdom.”

Rosalie Lurie, Los Angeles CA – Fundraiser

“I no longer judge myself and others. I no longer feel guilty about anything; I love myself and others. I’m experiencing peace and joy more and more. I can’t imagine anyone not taking this fabulous course.”

Scott Jones, Mission Viejo CA – Advertising Executive

“I gained the ability to stop being counter productive in life. I can now erase any attitude of ‘I never win.’ It enabled me to take control of myself-wow!”

Kathy Mullen, El Segundo CA – Deputy Sheriff

“I actually let go of beating myself up. I hadn’t thought it was possible. I feel exhilarated and energetic after years of fatigue. I have more clarity and peace and improved self confidence. I have a feeling of ‘I can’ after years of depression and anxiety. Thank you Lester and Larry.

Liz Ugalde Fortner – Newhall CA

“I’ve taken many classes, but it wasn’t until I took the Abundance Course that I really, really got on track. WOW-I really didn’t know what I was missing! Abundance is the greatest, and our natural way… Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Ron Hamady, Los Angeles CA – Movie Producer

“I unlocked my fear, lack and scarcity feelings that stopped me from having abundance for years. It was powerful and fun and easy. I can’t imagine anyone not taking this course-it’s a must.”

Joseph Harrington, Los Angeles CA – Psychologist

“My clarity in life improved dramatically. I see where I am and where to go next. My abundance improved just in that one weekend-I wish all could attend”

Craig Davis, Winnetka CA – School Psychologist

“I had severe anxiety when I would get on the freeway. It was preventing me from having a life. Then I took the Abundance course. On the first day I dumped the phobia. It was so simple that it was almost hard to believe it could be so easy! I now look at life in such a way that it becomes magical. I recommend it to all.”

Lauren Brent, Los Angeles CA – Esthetician

“I was able to retire from a job I had for years, and I feel terrific about it! I’m using the “Butt” system and it works. Thank you, the course is the greatest.”

Charles Jones, Washington DC – Psychotherapist

“I released worrying about the future. My life really works!”

Bebe Young, Paramount CA – Businesswoman

“I just completed the Abundance Course. My understanding gets clearer and clearer. My decision process is fantastic, and I’m having fun all the time. My business has tripled, and I’m having more time to do what I want. It’s easy-anyone can do it.”

Judy Smith Whitman, Scottsdale AZ – Art Dealer

“These past few weeks have been especially wonderful-‘Joyous’ is the true word. More and more do I see myself as one with everything. Right now, Larry, I feel as if I’m going to explode with joy-And I can’t stop laughing! All is well! All should join in on the fun.”

Clara Sida-McCoy, Glendale AZ – Housewife/Secretary

“Thanks, Larry, for your loving support, humor and commitment to others having abundance. I often felt the presence of Lester in the room.”

Roxanne Kinegard, San Francisco CA – Homemaker

“The new work that is being done on abundance is fantastic. I’m just busting with happiness and doing and having what I want all the time.”

Cecilia Gallager, Scottsdale AZ – Business Developer

“I never thought I could feel this good about myself. I now have a tool I can use each day of my life.”

Yvonne Medina, Los Angeles, CA – Client Service Genetics Institute

“By the end of Day 2, I achieved a sense of deep calm. While driving home, I found I wasn’t so irritated by other drivers and I remained unperturbed. My boyfriend commented on the youthful, lighter look on my face over dinner.”

Kim LaChance, Lawndale CA – Therapist

“I have been going through books and seminars for so long. This course allowed me to see that life can be without problems. The future is wonderful now.

Pirayeh Shaban, Pasadena CA – Coordinator



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“I have been an enthusiastic Zen person for the past seven years, doing at least an hour of meditation every day and having read two or three hundred books about Buddhism and related subjects. The Abundance Course has greatly increased my understanding of nature of thoughts, the process of wanting, and the whole psychology of the false/made-up “person” and “ego”. Thanks to the Abundance Course, I now find myself doing a much better job of mindfulness and staying-in-the-present and letting go/releasing (getting back into the present after discovering being stuck in the illusion of thoughts, of the “past” and “future”). “I am very excited about my newly-increased mindfulness, and intend to make constant releasing my #1 priority. Thanks for an excellent course.”

James H. Dolvin, NASA Executive, Arlington, VA

“I am so grateful that you have chosen to share what you’ve learned from Lester. The Abundance Course has clarified Lester’s teachings in a way that has made releasing a much deeper and complete experience. In addition, your personal guidance on a difficult legal matter helped in taking a hateful situation to a positive, friendly, and perfect outcome. Two years of trouble disappeared with amazing ease in a matter of minutes. It was a life changing experience. This new level of releasing has shown me that there truly are no limits on this path.”

Marsha Hoke

“The feeling of Love is getting stronger and the sense of Freedom much sharper. Fear disappears completely as well as all the other unwanted emotions. There is a conviction of right direction, inner stability and complete acceptance. The Course is an incredible aid and an accelerator on the road to Abundance and Freedom. Thank you Larry, from the bottom of my heart.”

Yuri Spilny, Russian Film Producer and Author, Los Angeles, CA

“I released the grief of my father’s passing away. I also eliminated most if not all of my self-sabotage, I handle adversity more easily, am more relaxed and confident, and more at peace. I am better able to deal with stressful situations and I no longer put myself down-I accept myself as I am. I am more open with other people and they are responding more to me. I am more aware of my emotions, easier on myself, and am less demanding and less of a perfectionist.”

Greg Perry, Somerset, NJ

“A lot of anxiety came up and went away. A lot of my limitations came up and passed through me. I released until I passed to a very blissful state-it was similar to sleep but I was not asleep. I got reminded about the power and simplicity of releasing. It is good for me to always be reminded of that so that I don’t waste my time trying to travel every path there is and reading every book there is.”

Carlos Campos, College Music Professor and Composer, UC Berkeley

“I have read so many books, taken seminars, and listened to tapes. However, after listening to the first Abundance tape, I knew this was the set I had been searching for. I have let go of “pounds” of old issues. I feel so much lighter and happier now. “I was able to talk to Larry one night about a chronic bronchitis/asthma condition. He helped me release on this health issue. I continue to do this daily and I have continued to get better Thank you, thank you! Also, I went to work yesterday for the first time since I took the Course. My boss said I looked great!”

Sharon Greenlee, 3rd Grade Teacher, Rockwood, TX

“The greatest gain actually came a couple of months after finishing the course. A Tai Chi master told me many times, years ago, that I had to be “willing to lose”. I never could really understand that principle. However, when I continued to do the releasing process, at one point the loss of everything occurred, except consciousness, and the meaning of being “willing to lose” became clear. Releasing is losing, but paradoxically the losing creates what you refer to as “gains”. The greatest gain is touching that pure space of consciousness which Lester constantly alluded to. Thanks!”

Brandt Hutchison Murray, UT

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“The Release Technique is different from anything I have ever done before. It works on a feeling level and allows people to eliminate negative emotions and thoughts. The technique is so fast and effective because it goes directly to the heart of the problem. It is a shortcut for everyone who uses it.”

Elliot Grumer, Psychiatrist, Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

“In my experience, The Release Technique is simply the most effective way of reducing stress on both a personal and professional level. It constitutes a dramatic advance in the field of health and wellness.”

Christopher R. Pruitt, M.D., American Wellness Consultants

This Technique is magical. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Dr. Jerry Mittelman, D.D.S.,NY, Editor and Publisher, The Holistic Dental Digest Plus

“I unlocked my fear, lack and scarcity feelings that stopped me from having abundance for years. It was powerful and fun and easy. I can’t imagine anyone not taking this course
-it’s a must.”

Joseph Harrington, Los Angeles CA – Psychologist

“I used the Technique when I felt a sinus headache developing
-after releasing, the feeling was gone. I used the Technique to stop my chronic back problems from developing beyond a point when I knew it was tightening up.”

James S. Helyer, D.D.S., Maumee, OH

“I had several physical ailments, including migraine headaches, diverticulitis, gout, and severe hypoglycemia, ant the week after taking the course was scheduled for surgery. But within a few days after beginning to release, the surgical condition disappeared and never re-appeared. My other physical problems cleared up. I believe these good effects are due to the stress reduction brought about by using the Technique.”

Dr. David Hawkins, Arizona



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“I was able to improve every aspect of my game and reduce my score dramatically, shooting consistently in the 60’s with ease. I use the Technique right in the midst of the game.”

Bill O’Neil, Scottsdale, AZ, PGA Teaching Pro, Biltmore Country Club

“My golf game has gotten consistently better and my concentration improved radically. I recommend it to overcome the mental part of the game. It works! I broke 69 within one week of using ‘The Technique’.”

Scott Russell, Phoenix, AZ, PGA Teaching Pro, Phoenix Golf Center

“I see students hit iron shots that were sprayed all over the place, with hits going sometimes low and sometimes high. After being taught the Release® Technique, they quickly started hitting the ball straight, high, and shot the ball more consistently on the green. I use this technique all the time.”

Tom Anton, Palm Springs CA, PGA Instructor, Indian Ridge Country Club

“I originally took the course to get rid of stress and improve my relationship with my husband. That worked big time. Then I used the Technique on my golf and I am constantly driving the ball further and further and having more fun playing golf. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their golf game.”

Lisa Grayson, Palm Springs CA

My relationship with my children has greatly improved. I am able to handle disgruntled clients without being uptight. I lost my craving for smoking and stopped smoking in the first day of the course, and my golf game improved.”

Thomas Mitchel, Investment Advisor, Los Angeles, CA

“I let go of a lower back pain I had been suffering with for a long time during the third day of the course. I even took off my back support-I am back again enjoying playing golf. WOW, what a course.”

Gary Sylvester, San Diego CA, Telecommunications

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Release® Technique for lowering my score fast. I am 59 years old and have been struggling with golf for over 35 years. I tried every technique, gadget and golf tip on the market with minimal results. My handicap has varied from 10 to 15, but with no consistency or even confidence. Now I am able to finally strike the ball with the accuracy and confidence that I have strived for in years. In my first round of golf using the Release® Technique, I was able to hit every fairway off the tee and most greens in regulation.”

Allen Adelman, Miami, FL

“A friend of mine gave me the course as a gift. I never thought of using it for golf until he told me I could use it on anything. That very weekend my game dramatically improved and I stopped beating myself up and had the best round of golf I ever had.”

Karen Gruntman, Schaumberg, IL

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