The Abundance CourseRecently, there has been an explosion of interest in the study of the universal Law of Attraction and Manifestation, with the purpose of creating the life of your dreams. There seems to be a definite shift in thinking away from more traditional ways of obtaining the life that you want. For example, sacrificing what makes you happy to make money, has shifted towards a more spiritual path that offers less resistance to manifesting a life that you love. The Abundance Course, developed by Lester Levenson, is centered on experiencing total abundance using a simple yet very powerful technique of releasing. This article is a brief review of The Abundance Course, what it is and how it works.

Lester Levenson, sent home from the hospital to die in 1952, began an incredible journey of introspection and discovered the key to his own happiness. Happiness he soon found, was within himself and had nothing to do with the outside world. By using the power of his own thoughts, he created his own happiness, which is the fundamental principle of The Abundance Course. To learn more about Lester Levenson and his path to finding his happiness, click on this link!

According to the Abundance Course, you, not the outside world, are the primary instrument of change. Your thoughts and the way you think determine what appears in your life. Discovering and releasing limiting thoughts that hinder your happiness is the key to manifesting a life that you love. By using Lester Levenson’s Release Technique, taught in The Abundance Course, you are able to dissolve those barriers and then build the life of your dreams.

This self empowering technique is quite effective for making change as it’s focus is on the source of power and change, you and your thoughts. The Abundance course shows you how to draw on that power to change your life circumstances; whether you would like more money, better health, more peace or anything else that you would like to manifest.

Because the course is not a set of ideas or vague theories but rather a practical method through which effective change can quickly occur and produce direct and measurable results.

This brief review of the Abundance Course is to highlight the basis of the course and how it can help you gain everything you have ever desired. If you have been searching for a spiritual way to create abundance and have realized that the things you have been doing so far in life to create that abundance haven’t been working, The Abundance Course is a refreshing gift that can change your life.

For more information about The Abundance Course, please click on the link below!

About the Author

Hello! My name is Sara and over the last few years I have become quite interested in different ways to create happiness in my life. If you are on a search for the same, I hope this article helps you in that search.

Sara Rembert

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