The Abundance Course

What is the Abundance Course?

The Abundance Course is personal development program designed to help you release unwanted feelings.  The underlying theory behind the program is that you can have pretty much anything you want in life, easier than you’ve ever thought possible, by simply learning to identify and release unwanted thoughts and feelings.

As you live your life things happen.  Some of these events are within your control and others are not.  When something significant enough happens – even things that may have happened at a very young age – a strong feeling will leave an impression on your sub-conscious mind.

This is a defense mechanism meant to protect you.  However as you grow older these defense mechanisms become self-defeating.  You can try your best.  You can think positive thoughts.  But in essence your operating system is infected with a virus that will undermine the best new programming you can install.

In order to grow to your potential you must first remove these self-defeating programs, that you may not even be aware exist.

The program is called the Abundance Course because this freeing up of energy almost always leads to having more of what you want – when you’re freed up from what you don’t want.

What is the Release Technique?

The Release Technique is the name of the approach used in the Abundance Course to release unwanted feelings.  The Release Technique is a process of inquiry that helps you to uncover resistance and get it out of your system.

The Release Technique is a simple process that can easily be mastered by anyone – even children from age eight and up.  I am teaching the technique to my own children as I consider it to be an essential life skill.

Who is Larry Crane?

Larry Crane of Lawrence Crane Enterprises is a teacher of the Release Technique.  There were a handful of committed students who learned this process from Lester Levenson (see below).  Larry is one of two people, or so I am told, who were given Lester’s blessing to teach the method to the world.  The other person is Hale Dwoskin who teaches a similar but different approach in his Sedona Method course (see below).

Who is Lester Levenson?

Lester Levenson was an overachiever in his day.  He was very successful by worldly standards until his health failed him at the age of 42.  His doctor essentially told him that he was to go home and prepare to die – there was nothing that could be done to help him.

Initially this angered Lester and the feelings he had towards his doctor consumed him until he had a spiritual epiphany:  his doctor had committed his life to trying to help people get well and he probably wanted nothing more than to be able to help Lester too.

From this realization Lester began to examine why he would have any negative thoughts or feelings towards this person.  And he then began to correct those thoughts and feelings so that he felt nothing but love towards his doctor.

Lester found that he felt better; much better.

He began experimenting with this idea further and the more of these negative feelings he corrected the better he felt.  His energy improved.  His outlook on life improved.  His love towards others grew.  And his life-threatening health conditions seemed to miraculously improve too.

Soon Lester felt so much better that he later recounted that he rarely felt the need to eat or sleep and that he enjoyed such an abundance of energy that he’d spend his nights walking the streets of New York City just to do something with the energy he had.

I’d like to add that I’ve enjoyed similar experiences.

I hope the thing you realize from this story is that we don’t always get what we want in the way we think we’ll get it.  In fact it is our over-pushing that often hinders our progress.

With all of this energy freed up can you imagine what you do?

Can you imagine how you’d become more attractive to others?

Can you imagine how you or another would cease to turn to drugs, alcohol or food for comfort?

How does this relate to the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is Lester’s approach to releasing as interpreted and enhanced by Hale Dwoskin.  The two programs, The Sedona Method and The Abundance Course, are very similar in nature but also contain some important differences.

I am very experienced with both programs, having learned the Sedona Method first.  I have also coached hundreds of individuals on the use of each program.  In my experience I have found the Sedona Method to be a more “heady” approach whereas the Release Technique is a more physical approach.

Without digging too deeply into what I mean by that let my summarize it like this:  The Sedona Method emphasizes thinking about your feelings.  At some point the approach seems to lose some of its power as the mind learns to trick itself.

With the Release Technique the focus is on recognizing where the resistance is actually felt and letting it go.  With this approach I believe it’s hard to “cheat the system” and thus it’s more effective, and it remains more effective.

I attribute great gains in my life to the Sedona Method and Hale Dwoskin so I would never discourage anyone from using the program.  Hale and Larry are also two very different people and some people prefer the style of one over the other.  Hale’s approach will have more appeal to the New Age crowd whereas Larry’s approach is a bit less “gentle”, if you will.  Larry is more direct and challenging.

What issues can the Abundance Course help me with?

I don’t want to sound like a snake oil salesman by claiming it can cure you of anything, but I certainly believe in its potential to help a person with anything they’d like to improve in life.

Personally it’s improved my health, reduced stress, reduced bouts of depression, helped me at times to lose weight, helped to overcome fears of public speaking, proved instrumental in increasing my financial position and so much more.

I use the process of releasing on nearly a daily basis – and the best times in my life, since learning releasing have come during those periods when I’ve made a consistent commitment to doing it regularly and as often as possible.

Quite simply your life is the accumulation of thoughts and feelings you presently hold.  In order to move your life in another direction you must free yourself of any limiting thought or feeling to do so.

If you don’t believe – and feel – that you can be a millionaire, you won’t be.  At the same time you must recognize that the thoughts and feelings you hold about your ability to achieve that are A) arbitrary and pliable and B) what will define the limits of your actual potential.

This concept holds true to anything – from healing your body to having the relationship you desire.  From feeling at peace most of the time to experiencing more joy, more happiness.

Unfortunately this program will not work equally for all people because not all people have the willingness to let go and allow something to do its work their life.  But if this program doesn’t work for an individual it is only because of their resistance towards change.

How is the Abundance Course going to help me improve my life?

Have you ever heard the saying “Tripping over dollars to get to dimes?”

We all develop attachments and aversions.  With the ability to see what you’re attached to and what you’re averse to – and then taking action to eliminate those attachments and aversions you reduce resistance (ie, stress) to having what you want.

It is somewhat difficult to pin-point one thing since your life is a cocktail – a mixture unique to you.  When you change one thing, however, then the mixture itself changes setting off a chain reaction of change that effects, in a very positive way, all areas of your life.

In truth, the difference between a person who lives a miserable, unhealthy and low-quality life and a person who lives a very happy, healthy, abundant life starts in the seemingly small details of how they manage their feelings.  Change your feelings and your life changes with them.

Is this a religious program?

No.  Although some of Lester’s core teachings included inspiration from a variety of spiritual sources, to include many major religions, the program is not based on any specific religious ideology, nor would it be offensive to anyone of any particular religious background (IMHO).

There are people in the world who try to label anything of an alternative nature (especially outside the realm of science) as being religious or even a cult.

This is simply a program designed to help you recognize and let go of unwanted feelings that impede happiness and progress.

Is the Abundance Course a scam?

Well, if it is then you can count me as fool number one.  🙂

All the best to you, John R Barker

What Next?

Wait!  Who is John Barker?

I picked up my first self-help book at the age of 18: How to Win Friends and Influence People.  This opened up an exciting world of potential to me.  Since then I’ve read dozens of books, purchased too many audio programs to mention, attended numerous retreats, workshops and you name it.

In February of 2002 I was hired by Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Training Associates.  My duties included phone support to help coach our customers using the Sedona Method.  After leaving Sedona Training Associates I worked with Larry Crane, among several other companies in the personal development field, on a consulting basis and as an affiliate for his company.

I run a home-based business, with a beautiful wife and four young children on our 5-acre farm in Tennessee.  My business is based on helping people find more happiness and success in their life.  One way I do this is to try products, personally, and if I like them then I share them with others.  I do receive a commission for this.  I do not promote any program I do not use, nor believe in.  I do not promote any product that does not offer a money-back guarantee, nor any business that does not operate in truth and integrity with a commitment to putting customers above profits.

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