The Illusion of Lack and How to HAVE What You Want

If you are experiencing any lack in your life it’s not because because of any lack.

It’s because of the ego in the way.

The ego (comprised of your thoughts and beliefs) is a barrier to abundance.

Only when you dissolve the ego-barrier will the supply of abundance (including the things you want to have and experience) find their way into your reality.

You can take massive action and do everything you can to get what you want — but the ego will always sabotage your capacity to receive.

Put another way:

The “secret” to getting what you want is in dissolving the ego enough to open up the channels to receive what you want.

That’s how seemingly effortless manifestation happens.


Any sense of lack in your life is, in reality, a mis-identification with the ego.

Your supply of abundance is in direct proportion to your receptivity to abundance.

The blockage to abundance is only the belief that someone can give you what you lack (i.e., money) or withhold it from you.

You can dissolve that blockage to abundance (i.e., having more money) by resting in the TRUTH of supply – and that is all supply manifests out of the consciousness of HAVING.

And it’s the consciousness of HAVING that you will experience when you USE the Abundance Course!

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