The Missing Secret to Ultimate Success

“Don’t probe darkness to understand light. Don’t dwell on sickness to be health. Don’t indulge in thoughts of lack to have supply. Don’t dwell in misery to understand happiness.”

Lester Levenson, from The Ultimate Truth

I am sure that you have heard such profound truths said by others, in other ways. I have a book shelf full of great wisdom.

The challenge – the short-coming – with this good advice, however, is “How do I ‘don’t’ do that?”

It is one thing to say, “Think positive”, “Focus only on what you want”, and “Don’t give counsel to your fears”. That’s all great advice, but when you feel caught up in life’s drama how do you avoid it?

Lester Levenson, the creator of the Release Technique, gave us that gift. He gave us the “how to” that enables you and I to let go of the negativity, the distractions and the fears.

Imagine what your life becomes when you toss aside as little as fifty-percent of the negative thoughts and feelings that go where you go.

* Right now, could you feel a little happier?

* Could you feel a little more in-love?

* Could you feel a little more secure?

* Could you feel a little more loved?

* Could you feel a little richer?

You certainly could and I know you can. We all can.

In fact, there is no limit to how happy, in-love, secure, loved and richer you can feel. And when that’s how you feel, that’s what you have in your life.

The only thing you need to do is learn how to let those negative feelings leave your life. As you do, . . .

You will feel happier . . . and you will be happier. You will feel in-love . . . and you will be in-love. You will feel secure . . . and you will be secure. You will feel loved . . . and you will be loved. You will feel richer . . . and you will be richer.

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