Unique Features of The Release Technique

  1.  The Release Technique is the only technique that enables you to eliminate stress at its source–as you feel it–as opposed to trying to manage, avoid or cope with the symptoms and effects of stress.
  2. This technique is self-empowering and helps you to become self-suffi- cient by avoiding dependent relationships on counselors, trainers or other out- side authorities.
  3. The Release Technique works anywhere, any time on any issue in your personal or professional life.
  4. Results increase over time. The effect of eliminating stress is cumulative. The more you use this method the greater your ability to make positive changes in behavior and to handle difficult situations with greater ease.
  5. This exciting enlightening course will help you:
  • Rid yourself of fear, which is holding you back from having everything in life.
  • Rid yourself of failure habits that hold you back in life, such as procrastination.
  • Find out just what satisfaction is and how to get it.
  • Feel love any time you want it–with ease.
  • Learn how to trust yourself.
  • Rid yourself of worrying and spinning.
  • Access answers from your higher self, instead of being frustrated with old answers or no answers.
  • Rid yourself of the habit of beating yourself up.
  • Clear away the years of accumulated confusion.
  • Have abundant health, joy and riches.
  • Be in total control of your life with ease.


The Release Technique is unique. It is not a compilation or takeoff on any other course or technique. Because of this it will not duplicate any other training program or personal development work.

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